Band History

Over the years, Bill has worked with many professional blues players, producers and recording engineers, helping him produce his high quality well defined blues music.

Tony - Bass
Tony is a self-taught musician and has played bass for 40+ years. Tony was a member of and recorded for the well-known band Pendragon throughout the 70’s. Tony has played in many bands for the past twenty years in the Chicagoland music scene. He moved to Janesville last year and quickly established himself in the local music scene. Tony is versatile in many genres: rock, pop, blues, country and jazz.

Tim Bakowski - Drums 2002 - 2005

Seventh Sons Production Team

Mark Wydra - Guitar
Most often associated with Eddy Clearwater, Mark has been a first-class side man for over 30 years. His versatility and professionalism have kept him busy on Chicago's very competitive music scene. Thankfully, this includes being a part of the Seventh Sons.

Tony on Bass
Tim on Drums
The Seventh Sons Production Team
Mark Wydra Guitar